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Erotic Gatherings searches the world to find people, places, products, and organizations that embrace, develop and promote eroticism in its purest and most erotic form, so that we can share them with you. Erotic Gatherings’ purpose is to educate and unite those seeking a place where their thoughts and beliefs are not only accepted, but encouraged.

While at the Erotic Gatherings website, we want you to indulge your fantasies and desires. Learn new sex techniques, research and buy the hottest sex toys, read post about art and literature submitted by erotic people like yourself, submit your own post about sex, lifestyles, art, literature, fashion, music or whatever your erotic heart desires.  Use the site to find clubs, parties and events or get ideas for your own erotic gatherings and so much more!

Open your heart, speak your mind and share your desires with others on our website.


Your Friends at Erotic Gatherings.