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An Expert’s Guide to Performing Oral Sex on a Woman

By on December 29, 2009

We all want to know the best way to give oral sex to a women, weather we are male or female. This post was submitted by a woman that I know and she is claiming expertise. Give it a read and then put it into to practice, then come on back and let us know if it worked.

Put a pillow under my butt so that I am fully open and exposed to you. (Not to mention, it will make things easier and more accessible to you!) Be patient and don’t rush things if you get bored. If you start going faster and harder just to get it over with, I’m going to sense your impatience and then won’t be able to cum anyway! Speaking from my own experience, it takes me a little while and most of the time building up to a mind-blowing orgasm is slow stimulation and mental fantasies. If you’re going down, make me believe that you not only want to be there, but you don’t mind if you’re still there in the morning!

There is nothing hotter than teasing me until I’m ready to beg for your tongue in all the right places. Kiss my stomach, starting at my belly button and leaving a trail of moist, warm kisses down to my hairline. Move around my mound and slowly kiss and lick down my thighs and work your way to my inner thighs, let me feel your tongue lightly touch all around my lips, but without actually touching them directly. Get close and then move away again. The idea is to build me up, make me think I’m going to feel your tongue move across my lips and toward my clit to the point that my mind is moving ahead of your touch. I can already feel it, my lips swelling and the heat building up to the point that I will beg you to finally move in.

When you get me to that point, little accidental brushes of your lips and tongue across my swollen lips will bring moans of pleasure and torture from me. A little of this and I will be begging for direct stimulation. Run your tongue, barely touching, up the length of my lips and over my clit. Tease a little more and then lick again. Let me feel your tongue lick around the sides of my opening with gentle probes a little way inside. Give me very light flicks of your tongue on the hood and the sides of my clit, then gentle circles around it . Run your tongue back down, and then let me feel your tongue push deep inside of me. Do this a few times and then run your tongue back up to stimulate the side of my clit. (Direct pressure on top is too much at almost any point. Even when I masturbate, I rub the side. Other women may have a different opinion on this one…)

Slowly and gently run your tongue in small circles just to the side of my clit. Slip your fingers in and out, just the tips at first. Go a little deeper, a little bit at a time, match the pace of your tongue. Run your finger inside, around the bone until you are under my clit. Find my clit from the inside, directly under where your tongue should be right now! Push up with firm pressure and rub it with firm, slow circles. Stimulating the top and underside of my clit at the same time will drive me over the edge! When I start to moan or you can feel my body tense, increase the tempo very slightly and the pressure even less. When I begin to cum, don’t change anything yet! Part way through my orgasm, intensify the pressure slightly but keep the same tempo. If I need it faster or harder, I will tell you – trust me!

Again, this is my preference and not necessarily every woman’s perfect oral sex technique. Try it out and see if your woman agrees.

O.K., there you go. Straight for the lips of a woman, lol. Try it out and then come back and let us know!!!

For a little more help, here are a few great books to point you in the right direction:

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  2. Guide to Eating Out – The Lick-by-Lick Guide to Mouthwatering and Orgasmic Oral Sex
  3. Oral Sex He’ll Never Forget: 52 Positions and Techniques Guaranteed to Blow Your Man Away


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