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Are You a Dirty Artist?

By on November 16, 2009

There is a call for dirty artists to be in the February, 2010 Dirty Show 11 in Detroit, Michigan.

The Dirty Show is a yearly erotic art event that showcases erotic art, an artist from around the world.

Dirty Show

As an artists and lover of all things erotic, this is a show I would want to be in. A show like the Dirty Show, gives me the ability to create art that can be promoted and appreciated, without feeling like I will be punished by its viewers. I have an erotic mind and nothing can make me happier then creating my eroticism into visual art. Another great thing about this show is that I will be able to meet many of the minority artist form our chosen subject of art.

Well, for those of you that are not artists, this show can mean only one thing; you’ll love to look at eroticism!!! If that’s you, don’t be embarrassed or ashamed. We are all God’s erotic creatures and he gave us the ability to appreciate the images you are going to see at this show. This is going to be my first time going to The Dirty Show, and I can not wait!

“This show can mean only one thing; you’ll love to look at eroticism”

Here’s the mission of The Dirty: The Dirty Show is to promote, publish and propagate erotic art in all forms. This is done in the form of their erotic art exhibition which they claim is one of the largest of its kind in the world. The Dirty Show is held every Valentine’s Weekend, and features a large number of new, up incoming and famous erotic artists from around the world.

To be in the show the work is picked by judges. Other than legal age requirements, none of the work is censored, nothing is too filthy or too subtle. All art is considered. The judges want to be taken into your world and see eroticism through your eyes. The judges want to be impressed, amazed, enlightened, entranced, excited, astounded, humored or even repulsed – they claim to love it all. Here are some great pictures of previous shows.

Dirty Show 11
Exhibition: February 12-20, 2010
Detroit, Michigan, USA

The Call For Art is… NOW OPEN. Click for more information.

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