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Art of Oral Sex…Oral Perfectionist

By on March 28, 2010

Some people are perfectionists. For me, writing is one genre that I strive to be the best at which is why I write about subjects that I feel represent my areas of expertise. The art of oral sex is just that, an art. Some do it for all the wrong reasons. If you are performing oral sex on your partner simply because they want you to and not because you thoroughly enjoy it yourself; you will, pardon the pun, suck at it. Unless you truly enjoy doing anything really, you will never reach a level of perfectionism. That being said, when it comes to men, sucking cock is very different than eating pussy.

Oral Sex

I have never met a man that does not become weak in the knees at the very thought of getting a blow job. Consequently, oral sex is an innate desire and intensely appreciated, if done right. I like to begin by first washing his cock as it is a great precursor to the next experience. Be sure to soap generously around his balls and shaft being careful to not get too much soap in the tip of his cock. Massage firmly and watch him get hard. Rinse thoroughly because the taste if soap is unpleasant and uncomfortable for him.

“The key is to never rush this experience”

A blow job is not blowing on your mans cock. Nor is it dainty little licks or going at it like a hot dog you gobble up. Men do not like teeth to be involved unless it is just light nibbling at the base or around the head and one must be very gentle with this. First, take his cock into your hands and look at him. Let him know that you appreciate it. Keep your hair tied back so that he can see your face as you explore all around his shaft making circles with your tongue and slowly taking in the head of his cock into your awaiting mouth. Since men are very visual, it will not only be the act of you sucking his cock that will send him over the edge, it will be watching you do it.

The key is to never rush this experience; take your time both massaging his cock with your hands, and licking up and down the shaft, turn your head around so that you can suck the sides all around his cock and do not forget his balls. Some men are more sensitive than others so first determine what your man likes. Lick and take them into your mouth gently and work your tongue up from the soft spot to the very top of his cock and lightly run it through the opening on his tip. Slowly open your mouth and take in his head and suck gently, then a little harder before you slowly suck him all the way down his shaft to the base and into your throat. Suck back up and continue this varying in pressure and speed. There is so much more and hopefully I can put a visual together at some point to show you.

To learn more about the Art of Oral Sex, here are some great books we suggest:

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