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By on November 27, 2010

PENNY ANTINE, aka RAVEN TOUCHSTONE, has been a top screenwriter in the Adult Film world for the past 25 years with 29 Best Screenplay nominations and 6 wins to her credit, unparalleled in that industry. In conjunction with writing she also worked in production, assistant directing, costuming, casting, coaching and eventually photographing in black and white the sex performers she knew and sometimes loved, capturing them in the style of the old Hollywood photographers.


Her photos have been exhibited in galleries around the country, in museums, and in galleries on the web. A few of her film titles: The New Devil In Miss Jones, Throat: a Cautionary Tale, Debbie Does Dallas: The Revenge. She has worked with just about every major producer, director and performer in the adult film industry, starting with the entire Ginger Lynn series for Vivid Video when porn first exploded onto the scene with the advent of amateur video.

B.P. (before porn) she was a legitimate actress, artist and writer, hoping to pen the Great American Novel. But life is what happens when you’re making other plans. Porn happened to Penny Antine. And she loved it.

Often billed as “the legendary” Raven Touchstone, she is currently working on a documentary series about the men and women in the various branches of the sex industry.

Penny Antine lives and works in a world most of us can only imagine. As a screenwriter for the Porn industry she has, for many years, made erotica her profession. It’s in her mind that the sex first takes place and many of the industry’s most memorable and award winning scenes are of her creation. But after a decade of bright lights and cum shots, she longed for a different gig in which to display her talents. She chose photography.

Operating as a voyeuristic photojournalist, Penny’s photos capture a side of the sex business that few of us ever contemplate. Her portrait studies are spellbinding in their ability to capture the inner workings of actors and actresses normally so used to portraying themselves through the sheer physicality of sex. And her ability to capture the animal frenzy of sex raises the bar of erotic photography to a new level.

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