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Erotic Art by Heather Morgan

By on December 6, 2010

Desperate times call for decadent measures. The women depicted in Heather Morgan’s erotic themed figurative oil paintings are exposing their true lives and personalities. These ladies say drink up. They say smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, they say do a rail. They say no regrets, they say it was worth it. This empire is on its knees, and while it’s down there, it might as well make some money.

The possibilities for self-creation are illustrated in a succession of vivid characters loosely based on the artist, her acquaintance, and recognizable cultural constructions; cigar-chomping chicks, androgynes, harlots, fighters, dancing queens, the starved, the tragically hip, the desperate (but not serious). These works invite the viewer to look and to covet, presenting an alluring world that is also potent and seething. Beauty quivers with pain and flaw in the distorted, luminous, candy-like figures that populate Morgan’s paintings. They strut, they cavort. The figures stretch out louche before the viewer and bravely offer themselves with a conflicting, penetrating gaze. These unflinching yet vulnerable pastel heroines become all the more unknowable, as they reveal themselves in their fractured splendor.

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