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Its a Black Thing…Hope You Understand

By on January 1, 2010

Interracial sex is a fetish all of its own. If you Google the term “interracial sex”, you will find an endless number of pornography sites based solely on people of different races having sex. Although the term includes any gender and race, the most popular seems to be black men with white women, but why would this be true?

Surf through the sites for awhile and you may get the idea. Dominate, well endowed black men with petite, innocent and young looking white females, sometimes in pigtails. My theory is that this feeds into the craving to see powerful men dominating submissive women. This again goes back to many fetishes that surround power in sex, whether it’s having the power in the situation or having the lack of power, dominating or being dominated.

The forbidden nature of things often makes them more enticing, and there is also the naughtiness of the act that has an erotic appeal. Obviously, interracial relationships used to be greatly taboo and even though it is much more accepted now, it is still looked down upon by many people.

There are many married men or men in relationships that like to see their significant other having sex with black men, preferably well endowed. This is a very erotic aspect for them, and they all do it for a variety of different reasons. Some like to see their women acting out her sluty side and others want to see their woman being totally dominated and having things done to her that they can only imagine doing.

The swinger community has really embraced interracial sex and a black man, especially a well hung black man, has become a commodity in the lifestyle. Go onto any one of the numerous swinger websites on the web, and you can see what people are looking for; a well hung black man is pretty close to #1. You will also see a lot of ads on craigslist.com, under the Casual Encounters section, looking the same thing.

Whatever your reason for interracial sex, I say embrace it, love it and make it erotic!

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