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Peek-a-boo, Erotic “Pin-Up” Neck Ties

By on February 7, 2010

As I was sitting next to my 77 year old father reading the Sunday paper in my hometown when I came across this add for “Peek-a-boo” neckties. This really piqued my curiosity, I showed it to him and he said “do they still make those, I used to have a bunch back in the day” and gently I could see a smirk starting to spread across the man’s face that I had not previously recognized. As we chatted about fashion that has come and gone I connected with him in a way that I haven’t before. And we both agreed some of today’s men’s fashion is not refined as it once was.

I wear a necktie 6 days a week and you can bet your butt I won’t pick one up at the local dollar store. A necktie says a lot about the person wearing it. The fastest way to look cheesy or cheep is to wear an outdated or inexpensive necktie. As soon as I had the opportunity to hit the web, I looked up the site. The website is tastefully done and easy to traverse. The main thing I was here to see was the neckties each one hand crafted and sewn then presented in a beautiful custom made box. The stunning prints are also unique to Miss Feeney’s. When you flip up the bottom there hidden inside the liner is a 1940’s style classic erotic pin-up! The artist that Miss Feeney uses is wonderfully skilled at this erotic genre of a era where the most of the titlitation comes from the mind, only assisted by the artist.

She also offers beautifully crafted fedoras with a classic pin-up printed and hidden in the satin lining inside the hat, wow this just might be the erotic gift of this Valentines season! I am a hat guy, I have many and enjoy wearing them. Every time I am out with my girl I get compliment on my choice of hat for the occasion, and mostly from the ladies. My girl smiles sweetly and thanks them for the compliment. She bought most of them, and is thankful for the genuine appreciation of her taste in haberdashery.

Marie’s (Miss Feeney) family has been in the men’s finery business for generations. Her Grandfather was a pioneer in the world of men’s finery before most of us were born.

Take-a-peek at her Peek-a-boo fiery here and if you decide to pick a gift up please come back and let us know your opinion.


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