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Nippie Stickies Designer Pasties

By on June 1, 2010

Nippie Stickies are the newest name in designer pastie manufacturing. Whether it be for a night out on the town in a daringly low-cut dress, a day at the sand bar or a crazy party, Nippie Stickies has you covered – literally!

Nippie Stickies pasties use the top medical grade adhesive to make sure your precious “nippies” don’t become irritated while you party. In addition, all their pasties are waterproof so if you decide to go for a swim or a dip in a hot tub, you can be sure that your nipples stay covered!

Nippie Stickies provides erotic consumers with a less expensive designer pasties option while offering a much wider selection of shapes, colors, and textures. They will also be providing you ladies (and maybe some erotic gentleman) the ability to design your own custom Nippie Stickies on their website in the coming months.

Go check out Nippie Stickies website for yourself

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