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Center for Sex Positive Culture

By on November 29, 2010

The Center for Sex Positive Culture or CSPC (and formerly known as The Wet Spot) is a non-profit, membership-based organization located in Seattle, Washington. It organizes events and provides space for several different sex-positive subcultures, notably BDSM, swinging, and polyamory groups. It caters to both heterosexual and LGBT people.

Center for Sex Positive Culture

The Center for Sex Positive Culture founded in 1999, was a one-of-a-kind organization 11 years ago, and remains unique given its nonprofit status and community center architecture.

It was established in a bold attempt to create an environment that was accommodating to sex positive communities and transformative in all areas of human sexuality, and has succeeded in creating that environment.

Mission and Sex Positive Vision:

Their mission is to inspire and assist volunteers to produce experiential events where members can explore their sexual interests in a physically and emotionally safe environment.

As proponents of sex positive culture, they believe that the appropriate uses of sex extend beyond reproduction. They include creating personal pleasure, bonding interpersonal relationships, promoting spiritual growth, and enhancing emotional and physical health. In a sex positive world, everyone has the freedom and resources to pursue a fulfilling and empowering sex life.

The center offers over 100 events a month and something every single day in such areas as:

  1. Age
  2. Bondage/Suspension
  3. Edge Play
  4. Dance Floor
  5. D/s Protocol Focused
  6. Fetishwear/Costuming/Role Playing
  7. Foundation Events
  8. Gender/Orientation
  9. Impact Play
  10. Medical Play
  11. Meet and Greets/Socials
  12. Sexually Focused
  13. Sensual Touch Focused
  14. Social Aspects Emphasized

To learn more about the Center for Sex Positive Culture, or to donate to this wonderful organization, go to:

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