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Face Fuck…The Beginners Guide

By on February 19, 2010

Since the dawn of time, man has been the dominating form. Even in our more modern society, with women having fought for equal rights, our innate instincts to allow men to protect and dominate us have not been relinquished. As a result of our animalistic needs to dominate and be dominated but, still retain equal rights in society, domination by man has evolved into a sexual act conducted behind closed doors.

face fuck

One great way to allow your man to dominate you in the bedroom, for his gratification; is through, Face Fucking. As derogatory as this term may sound, it is simply a form of oral intercourse where the male thrusts his penis in and out of his partner’s mouth and throat. Trying something like this for the first time can be a little intimidating and frightening for women. However, if you trust your partner and you both work together to understand each others needs, it can be a very exciting new tool to spice up your sex life.

There are three basic positions in which this sex act can be performed.

One: Kneeling

The woman simply gets on her knees in-front of the male, who is either standing or sitting. Often times it is much easier on the woman if the male is standing. The idea is that the female is submissive releasing the power to the male. So, allow your partner to grab the back of your head or sides of your face so that he can control the tempo and depth.

Men, you need to keep to a rhythm so that your partner is able to breath in sync with your thrusting. Just remember to check with your partner to make sure she is able to catch her breath and you may want to pull out every few minutes or so to give her a chance to recoup.

Ladies, find your partners rhythm and work your breathing pattern around it. If your partner is standing you will find that it is much easier for him to slide in and out of your throat if you straighten your neck out by looking up at him. This will also help you to relax your throat muscles, control your gag reflex, and keep your breathing in sync. Before, trying this for the first time talk to your partner about a signal to let him know when to “Stop”; such as, tapping him on the leg or tummy.

Fun tip: Use a vibrator or some type of clitoral stimulation. This will help to intensify the experience, keep you in the mood, and help you to relax your muscles and concentrate less

Two: Man on Top

The woman is going to lie on her back, placing a pillow behind her head for leverage. Men just climb up on top of your gal with your butt over her breasts. Grab the top of her head and go to town.

Ladies, some of you might find that this position makes it more difficult for you to breath. If this is the case just be sure to inform your partner and always have some type of safe action to let him know when to stop.

Fun tip: Rub some tasty lube on your tits so he can go from Face Fucking you to Titty Fucking you and back again. This will also, make for some nice breaks for you to catch your breath. Squeeze his ass playfully and use a vibrator that stays in place on it’s own for your satisfaction.

Three: 69…Sort Of

The woman lies on her back with her head hanging just over the edge of the bed and the man simply stands over her in the 69 position. Men you will probably want to rest your hands or arms on the bed. When in this position you will also, be able to play with and view her entire body.

Ladies, you can squeeze his ass or rub his perinea area (the space between his genitals and anus) and scrotum for added pleasure. This position for many women is the easiest especially if you have a man that likes to really pound your face or is fairly long.

Fun Tip: Try this position on the couch by sticking pillows under the females butt and having her legs go over the top of the couch. This may make it easier for your male partner to give you head while you pleasure him. If your couch sits low to the ground try kneeling instead of standing over her.

Ladies do not feel uncomfortable or embarrassed in any of these positions if you start to gag some. Most men find this an extreme turn on and gagging helps you to salivate so that his dick slides in and out easier. However, if you are uncomfortable, find it too painful, or feel you are going to vomit just tell your partner to stop.

This type of intercourse may not be for everyone but, for those that are interested in trying it remember, this form of oral sex is about domination so let your man be in control. Let him use your body shamelessly for his own gratification and erotic pleasure. There is much pleasure to be found for you as well in the form of submission.

Here are some great books on Dominant and Submissive sexual pleasure:

The Control Book

The Master’s Manual: A Handbook of Erotic Dominance

SM 101: A Realistic Introduction


  1. Trina

    February 23, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    This is one of the best written articles that I have ever read on this web site or any other web site that I have looked at. I would definitely keep writing like this. It is in depth so that even the beginners could understand.

  2. joe

    February 28, 2010 at 10:25 am

    yeah breaking it down simple wont seem so intimidating to the female. good article

  3. Josh

    February 4, 2014 at 8:31 am

    Definitely wanna have my gal read this one! I have always wanted to try but, she’s a little shy. Any advice on how to bring it up without offending her?

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