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Increase Your Sex Drive with Nitric Oxide (NO2)

By on July 6, 2010

As a man that just turned 40, I am always looking for ways to enhance my sex drive.

Let’s face it, as we get older we have to try harder to stay fit physically and sexually. I go to the gym every day and experiment with diet, vitamins and supplements to increase my vitality.

Nitric Oxide (NO2)

I recently started taking a supplement called Nitric Oxide (NO2) recommended by a friend to gain more muscle mass and discovered that it was great for my libido. I was waking up with erections in the night and in the morning. My refractory period was incredibly shorter and even increased my pleasure and sensitivity levels. My orgasms were out of this world.

Nitric Oxide is a free-form gas created in the body by breaking down the amino acid Arginine. One atom of nitrogen + one atom of oxygen = Nitric Oxide. Once the body has converted Arginine to Nitric Oxide, it is used to transport oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissue. This process is known as hemodilation and this is what I would assume makes the erection so pumped; It is like I am a teenager again.

“My orgasms were out of this world”

I was so curious about this supplement and its effects that I got online and started to do some research. I found plenty of forums with guys rejoicing the Nitric Oxide product from various brands and the pleasure it is bring them. The thing that surprised me the most is that women were having equally pleasurable experiences. They claim that Nitric Oxide would turn them on sexually, enlarge their clitoris and give them more interest in sex and better orgasms. I am sure this is not what the creators of NO2 had in mind; however their symptoms do resemble a muscle pump, which is one of NO2’s highlights.

You do not need to workout to take the product, but if you are trying to increase your sex drive and performance, you should have a regular workout routine this goes for both men and women. I know I am extremely happy with the results and will stay on the product as long as it is working wonders for me.

Personally I use the NO2 Platinum-MRI Performance Enhancing Hemodilator, but here are some products to try for yourself and come back and let us know how they are working for you:

NO2 Platinum-MRI Performance Enhancing Hemodilator, 180 caplets

Nitro Surge – 150 Capsules 1000mg Advanced Nitric Oxide NO2 Muscle Technology Hemodilator

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