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La La La Love Machine :-)

By on November 24, 2009

I know as a man it is hard sometimes to let down our guard and admit our erotic side. I guess we feel that we have to be these tough, closed off men that can’t let anyone know our dirty erotic secrets. Well, let me tell you guys that are reading this; it is a lot more fulfilling when you are able to let this out to your lover and talk about your erotic side.

Love Machine

I truly believe that all people have erotic thoughts and desires, and we need to be able to let them out. I have over the last ten years, developed a comfort with my erotic side and I am able to talk open and honestly about it. I really never knew what great sex was till I tapped into my erotic fantasies and found a women I was able to play them out with.

It is funny how people react when you tell them you have erotic sexual fantasies. It is like you are some sexual pervert that should be locked in jail. The funny part is, they have erotic fantasies and they are afraid to tell anyone. People think that they are bad for even thinking about them and they will never let anyone know. There is nothing more erotic to me then talking about our fantasies, especially with another person that wants to talk about theirs.

I can remember always holding in my erotic fantasies. Wanting to tell a woman that I was intimate with at the time about what I fantasized about doing to her and with her. I finally was lucky and met a woman that wanted to share hers with me and made me comfortable with telling her mine. It was and incredible felling to open my erotic flood gate with her and let it all out. We both helped each other fulfill our deepest and most erotic fantasies and it was an amazing time in my life.

“I truly believe that all people have erotic thoughts and desires, and we need to be able to let them out”

Finding the right person to open up to is sometimes difficult. We don’t want to open up to someone that is going make us feel like a freak, or go around telling everyone about our fantasies. You really do have to be careful about who you tell, because most people can not accept the fact that you are able to let yourself entertain the fact that you want to live out your fantasies.

I am a straight male with fantasies of MFM, Group sex, Gangbangs, Domination to name a few, but some of you guys may have fantasies that are about being submissive, or gay, or having bi-sexual encounters. I go to sites online that are credible and have people with the same interests as me. I am really into the swinger lifestyle, so one of the sites I use most is This site has great folks to chat with, meet up with and to get to know.

Guys, tap into your erotic side and live out some of your fantasies. Make sure you find the right people to live your erotic life with. Go to sites that will let you discuss and explore your sexual fantasies with other members. Find a partner that wants to explore their fantasies and has some of the same fantasies as you. I promise you that is you that if you start living out your sexual fantasies you will be a much more fulfilled person.

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