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Playing Soooooooo nice with Kitty…Guide to Female Oral Sex

By on July 7, 2010

I do have a strong fondness for the female body, especially great breasts and a beautifully sculpted pussy. The thing about women is that we instinctively know what another woman likes as far as being touched. Now of course that can and does vary from female to female and it is not to imply that all women know how to perform oral sex on another woman. What it does mean is that we have the same equipment and since many women know how to bring themselves to orgasm via masturbation; the things that we like to think of visually or physically do to ourselves are typically very similar to what others like as well.

Women do like to watch you eating their pussy so be sure to look up at her and smile with glistening lips.


Kissing, as I have said before, is extremely important. Kissing is THE tell tale sign of sexual compatibility for if you do not “feel it” while kissing, there is no passion. Kissing a woman should be slow as the feel of her soft lips and tongue probing into your mouth is sensual and gets the proverbial juices flowing. While kissing her, you should fully explore her beautiful body with your hands, feeling her breasts and playing with her nipples just the way you would your own. Move down slowly and take both breasts into your hands and recognize their beauty. If that doesn’t get you wet, then something is very wrong. Suck on her breasts for as long as you like yours to be and circle your tongue around her aereola and “buttons” as I like to call them.

Continue to kiss down her stomach , touching her all the while until your reach her inner thighs. Spread her legs apart if they are not already and slowly begin to kiss and lightly bite the soft delicious flesh on her thighs. She will be glistening and her lips will pulsate right in front of your eyes. Make your way up to her pleasure box and just breath her scent in. Allow your nose to nudge between her pussy and use your fingers to spread her lips open. The licking and suckling begins. Lick from the opening of her pussy all the way up to her clit and gently suck it into your mouth first slowly then a little faster. Her clit will become engorged and now is when you should take each of her lips individually into your mouth and suckle them as well.

Just an added pointer: as you feel her legs tremble, listen carefully to her moans and pay attention to her body movement before slowly integrating your fingers to play with her other “button”. Slide a finger in just as she is about to cum; it will increase the intensity of her orgasm and you can feel her muscles contract on your finger or fingers. Wait….until she has relaxed before moving back up to continue and await your turn.

Here are some good books on oral sex:

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