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Sex Slave Training

By on March 23, 2010

As a master or dominant, how do you begin slave training? Both slave and master should have goals in mind. Ultimately, training the slave to release their fantasies to their master and become the master’s property is the primary goal. Try to find out what else your slave wants from this experience. As a master, what do you want specifically? You can also train a slave to face fears, such as claustrophobia or pain.

Sex Slave Traning

Most slaves come into the experience as bratty and selfish. They see sex as for their own satisfaction only; for example, if a slave applicant is a greedy little slut and can’t get enough cock to satisfy herself, you as a master have to teach her to not to be so involved in her own pleasure and learn the significance of service. Bratty, argumentative individuals who secretly want someone to top them are excellent slave candidates.

Goals are best accomplished when written down. Some masters even cultivate a list of things they want their slave to try, and also leave room for suggestions for the slave to provide input. Some popular goals are speech improvement, leash training, slave positions, providing better blow jobs and pussy eating.

If your slave wants to achieve goals like these, you can start out by gagging them to teach the value of succinct speech. Deliver an over the knee spanking to test composure, control, and the slave’s ability to process pain. You can then move on to whips, canes and other devices to inflict pain.

For leash training, put your slave on a leash and teach them to walk properly. Teach your slave that they are tougher than they think by putting them in slave or bondage positions until failure. Whip, spank and vibrate your slave while you taunt them about rewards, and remind them to beg if it pleases you.

Deliver an over the knee spanking to test composure

An important step in slave training it to assign homework. You can assign a curfew, quarters, and even a video journal. If your slave wants to learn how to give proper head, you can assign them a dildo to practice on, and they can log this entry on the video journal. Test your slave’s limits by surprising them in their quarters; tie them up, cane them to test thresholds, and order them to please you properly. The slightest errors warrant punishment, and good deeds are rewarded.

Your slave gets rewards by achieving goals. So, if your slave has, for instance, done a wonderful job pleasing you, you can reward them by introducing them to their first piece of leather (typically a collar of their own). Get creative with your rewards. If your slave has spent the night in dingy quarters, tease them with an offer to bathe them.

Always have a safe word, and if your slave is bound and gagged, work out some way to communicate with each other if things go too far. As a dominant, you have to be perceptive and act quickly if your slave is in danger.

To learn more about Sex Slave Training here are some great books we suggest:

The Compleat Slave: Creating And Living An Erotic Dominant/submissive Lifestyle

Master/slave Relations: Handbook of Theory and Practice (M/s Studies Books)

Protocols: Handbook for the female slave

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