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Sexual Role Play…Never Stop Exploring Your Fantasies!

By on March 9, 2010

Amp up the eroticism and try a sexual role play. Where you and your partner each assume the role of a specific character and then enjoy some kinky playtime. This type of sex game allows you to release your inhibitions, indulge in your sexual fantasies, and reach new heights of erotic pleasure. It is also, a great way to keep the excitement of experiencing different sexual partners when you are involved in a monogamous relationship.

Sexual Role Play

Sexual fantasies are imaginary sex scenarios that cause physical arousal. Fantasies stem from the subconscious and are often a sign of sexual preference. These erotic visions most often occur during daydreams, intercourse, or masturbation.

Sharing your erotic fantasies with your partner can be both liberating and intimidating. Fantasies are very private and may cause you and your partner to feel uncomfortable. Some fantasies may even cause you to feel embarrassed, perverse, or weird especially fantasies containing content that is not always openly accepted in society. However, opening these lines of communication can help to build trust and intimacy within your relationship.

There are an unlimited number of scenarios that you and your partner can engage in during sexual role play. However, most common role play involves a power play of the dominance and submission aspects of BDSM. The dominate partner is often referred to as the top; while, the submissive partner is the bottom.

Since there are so many role play scenarios it is easiest to bunch them up into nine main categories:

  1. Costume Fetish- The bottom dresses as a nurse, French maid, cheerleader, schoolgirl, etc. The top acts as an authority figure such as a doctor, boss, coach, teacher, etc. Most often times the female is the submissive and the male dominate.
  2. Gender Play/Cross Dressing- This involves one or more partners dressing and taking on roles of the opposite sex.
  3. Forced Sex- One player takes on the role of someone being forced into an unwelcome sex act.
  4. Prisoner- This involves the bottom taking on the role of a prisoner or captive. While the top is the capturer and torturer who abuses their prisoner.
  5. Punished- The bottom does something naught or wrong and the top must teach them a lesson.
  6. Age-Play- One player takes on the role of an adult while the other plays the child.
  7. Master-Slave- The bottom is treated as the property of the Master or Mistress.
  8. Animal- The top treats there partner as though they were an animal such as a dog.
  9. Strangers- Both players taken on the role of someone else where their characters do not know each other.

Play Time
If you are trying role play for the first time you might be a little shy but, being well prepared can help you and your partner to feel more comfortable and at ease.

To start out you’ll want to get your imagination running and start brainstorming about the following:

  1. Pick a Character- Research and find a character that best fits you. You’ll want to think about your characters mannerisms such as things they might say or do.
  2. Scenario- Imaging your sexual role play scene can be lots of fun. You need to think about details such as where the act would take place. The more detail you use the more real your fantasy will become.
  3. Costumes and Props- Use your imagination and get creative when choosing a costume for your character. Find something sexy that fits your role and don’t forget shoes and wigs if needed. Include props into your sexual role play game such as handcuffs, whips, ball gages, rope, sex toys, and furniture.
  4. Boundaries- Communicate with your partner ahead of time too insure you understand each others boundaries and rules. Create safe words and actions for those moments when role play gets intense and stop or no may appear to just be part of the game.

Role play can open the door to a whole new erotic world for you and your partner. So have fun playing and never stop exploring your fantasies.

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