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Superbowl Sex Game…SCORE During the Superbowl!

By on February 6, 2010

Watching Superbowl XLIV and feeling a little frisky?

Why not make this SuperBowl football game a memorable one by playing your own “Game of Score” while the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts are playing theirs?

Superbowl Sex Game

Here’s how you play Score:

  1. Each person chooses a team; I advise tossing a coin while the two Superbowl teams are doing their coin toss
  2. Once the teams are determined, take two pieces of paper and on each, write a sexual favor that you want if you win
  3. Fold up the papers and set them aside
  4. During halftime and for the final score, whichever team has more points determines the “winner”
  5. The “loser” has to choose one of the “winner’s” pieces of paper, open it, then perform the sexual favor written on the piece of paper
  6. For more fun, play for each quarter and write four wishes instead of two

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Have fun and enjoy the games!

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