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The Truth Behind Rape Fantasy

By on May 19, 2010

Rape is never something that should be looked upon as acceptable as it is always about power and never about the act of sex itself. However, the concept or idea of being “taken” without permission does have an intensely erotic tone. Most rape fantasies involve a dark figure coming through the window at night and forcing himself upon you in your bed as you lay sleeping peacefully and supposedly unaware. Those are superficial in nature and really only touch upon the variation of the fantasy. Having such a desire from a female perspective requires a deviant sexual mind and I say this not to imply that we must be “strange” to want it but moreover because we have engaged in various sexual experiences and thus require something “more” to fulfill us.

Rape Fantasy

If you feel comfortable and confident with your chosen partner to engage in this activity, then there are several ways that this can be an enjoyable experience and ultimately anticipated with pleasure.

First, set your guidelines and the potential scenario. Figure out a “safe” word that you can use just in case it becomes overwhelming for you and fear takes over. For as much as we know our partners, this act can take on a life of its own and a man can become so engrossed in his role that his “cock mind” takes over the need to get inside you and not fulfill your fantasy. Try to establish how much force should be used and if you decide not to do so, do not be surprised if you get a little more roughed up than anticipated.

This does not have to be a bad thing and if you want to take it even a step further, antagonize him, slap him across the face and bait him into being more forceful if that is what you desire.

Another aspect of the rape fantasy is the use of tools such as a sharp object or rope. A knife for example, believe it or not, can be extremely stimulating as it sends your adrenaline into not just a rush but a warp speed of exhilaration. There should not be any blood drawn, unless of course that is what you want but instead a soft glide or slight graze of the blade against your thigh, across your nipples or to rip the buttons of your shirt is extremely intense. Ropes or ties are best utilized to keep your arms held back or above your head, leaving him the opportunity to to whatever he pleases. Whatever the scenario, remember that who you are with does matter and trust is mandatory.

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